Since September 2019, the Learning Club has been organizing Croatian Language School. It is run by Dragana Pavičić.

Our address is Split, Ban Mladenova 9, 2nd floor.
We are online to!
Once a week, every Tuesday throughout the year kids can learn Croatian through:
- games,
- art,
- drama,
- music,
- dance,
- storytelling,
- outdoors...
These workshops offer children a chance to develop their language skills as well as overall development.

Join us! Our classroom is in Split, Ban Mladenova 9, 2nd floor.
We are online to!


NEW! Croatian language for kids now twice a week! The second class is on Thursdays at 4.30PM.

HERE'S THE TIMETABLE (from Jan 4, 2021.)
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Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4.30- 5.15 PM


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